For over forty years, corporate real estate has been CABINET CONFINO’s core business.

Most notably, the company intervenes in legal cases relating to commercial and professional leases, construction law and commercial urban planning.

Presentation of Cabinet Confino

Established in 1969, CABINET CONFINO are legal practitioners at the Paris bar, specialising in real-estate law.

Covering all areas within this sector, the firm is essentially involved in law relating to commercial and professional leases, a field in which this company currently boasts one of the largest and most experienced teams within the industry.

The company also specialises in all the judicial aspects of the lifecycle of corporate real-estate, from promoting to operating properties, and including their construction and their commercialisation.

This firm has also developed renowned expertise in the complimentary sectors of insurance law and employment law, which are often closely associated with the real-estate industry.

Educational and training activities that are regularly carried out by several members of the CABINET CONFINO staff contribute to the quality and rigour of the work of the entire team, and this allows the company to provide its clients with à la carte training courses.