For over forty years, corporate real estate has been CABINET CONFINO’s core business.

Most notably, the company intervenes in legal cases relating to commercial and professional leases, construction law and commercial urban planning.


Cabinet Confino distinguishes itself by the training programmes that it has regularly operated since 1985 in the field of commercial and professional leases.

The experience that the company has in providing training has allowed it to nurture a very special relationship with the ELEGIA FORMATION group and the publishers Editions Législatives, for whom the company arranges training conferences and seminars , and draws up templates for legislative documents that are published in their Dictionnaires Permanents.

As well as monthly inter and intra company training sessions, since 1998 the company also organises a series of professional days that take place annually and are well respected by real estate professionals. These events are dedicated to covering the latest legislations, regulations and jurisprudence, as well as the practical elements of commercial leasing.

In addition to this, in 2009 the company established its own training body, IENA FORMATION, which was especially created in order to meet the needs of its own clients.

This body organises regular updates, but also a la carte training programmes in which the itinerary and the content of the session are freely determined and « tailor-made » in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Below you will find the programme for the forthcoming inter or intra-company training sessions that are being delivered by the company, either directly through IENA FORMATION, or in partnership with ELEGIA FORMATION.