CABINET CONFINO works in close collaboration with its client’s executive management and legal teams, paying constant attention to the rigour and reactive nature of their work, as well as adapting to the specific requirements and constraints of each project.

Areas of intervention

Commercial Leases

The firm’s commercial and professional leases department is one of the largest within this specialist sector.

The company legally advises and represents a clientele made up of investors (investment firms, financial and property companies, SCPI, etc.) and institutional buyers (tertiary sector companies, major distribution firms and tourism and industry professionals) in every aspect of their leasing requirements.

The company also fulfils the same services when assisting public bodies, consultancy and management firms in their corporate real-estate dealings.

The company’s main areas of intervention in terms of consultancy are :

  • assisting property owners or leaseholders in their projects and negotiations
  • creating legal frameworks for complex real-estate projects
  • drafting legal documents: all types of leases (statutory, overriding, etc.) or occupancy agreements, terminations, sub-letting, lease-management, etc.
  • creation and updating of standard corporate document types (leases, amendments, etc.), which are adapted to the culture and specific needs of each client
  • auditing (indexing, charges, works and other sensitive clauses)
  • assisting in the administrative and legal duties linked to the client’s real-estate or leasing needs (implementation of works, restructuring, etc.)
  • advice and assistance in establishing internal procedures for lease management

In cases of litigation, the company defends investors or buyers before all courts, right across the entire territory, and in all manner of litigation proceedings, such as :

  • judicial reviews (art. L. 145-38 and L. 145-39 of the code of commerce)
  • renewals
  • disputes over indexing, charges, works, restoration
  • environmental damages
  • disputes relating to the administrative use of the property and urban planning authorisations
  • termination
  • evictions, de-specialisations, expropriations