CABINET CONFINO works in close collaboration with its client’s executive management and legal teams, paying constant attention to the rigour and reactive nature of their work, as well as adapting to the specific requirements and constraints of each project.

Areas of intervention

Real estate

As well as handling the challenges directly related to professional and commercial leases, CABINET CONFINO specialises in real-estate law and supports its clients in all their industrial and commercial real-estate projects.

The company boasts expertise in dealing with every stage of the legal lifecycle of a corporate property: promotion, construction, establishment of co-ownership, commercialisation, sale, conveyancing, rental, exploitation, etc.

In this area, the firm’s clientele is made up of promoters, constructors, construction management companies, insurers, project managers, as well as property owners, investment companies, major end-users, local authorities, etc.

In this respect, and on an advisory basis, the company is therefore involved in the establishment of, most notably, works contracts (GCC, SCC), property development contracts, project and construction management contracts and building contractor agreements.

In matters of pre-litigation or within the litigation processes, the firm can establish preventative clauses for its building contractor clients and it can assist its clients in overcoming the various challenges and practical difficulties that their property may be experiencing. The company, therefore, boasts a unique level of experience when managing the technical aspects of building works and in dealing with issues relating to the challenges, failings or problems that may affect a property and its facilities, both at the time of carrying out a bid for tender or when selling a property.

The company also supports and advises its clients with any requirements or issues regarding town planning, most notably within the commercial field.

Real-estate brokerage and, in particular, the relationship between real-estate agents, completes the areas of expertise in which the company intervenes on a daily basis within the property sector.